Web Based or Apps? Which is Best?

In today’s world, millennials excel in technology. With iPads, iPhones, the newly released Apple Watch, and who knows what is just around the corner, these young executives make it happen. The one thing we have learned is that whatever the technology, it needs to be simple and maintenance free. What we mean by maintenance free is, eliminating the need to upgrade applications that you run on your devices. For instance, the Apps you have loaded on your devices inherently require updating, hence the term “Lifecycle Maintenance”.

Travel Incorporated employs forward thinking programmers who had the foresight to envision the pitfalls of Apps and, instead, created applications that are web based. Therefore there are no apps needed to run our technology and no updating required. All you need is an internet connection! When our technology receives a revision it is automatically passed onto the client without downloading any type of update. That’s one less headache for you to deal with in your busy day. If you would like to learn more about technology by Travel Incorporated, please contact the sales department.